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Meridian Boat Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida
Aleutian Bay Yacht Boat Wrap Miami Floriday By Boat Wrap Solutions
Aleutian Yacht Wrap - Boat Wrap Solutions
Sea Ray Boat Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida By Boat Wrap Solutions
Sea Ray Yacht Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida
Sunseeker Yacht Hull Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida By Boat Wrap Solutions
Sunseeker Yacht Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida
Tiara Boat Wrap West Palm Beach Florida
Mangusta Yacht Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida
Custom RYCK Boat Wrap Fort Lauderdale, Florida
RYCK Boat Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida
Intreprid Boat Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida
Bertram Yacht Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida
Aleutian Yahct Wrap Dania Beach Florida
40 Pursuit Boat Wrap Fort Lauderdale Florida

A boat wrap is a vinyl graphic that is applied to the exterior of a boat, which can either partially or completely cover the hull.

3M and Oracal material are durable and specifically designed to withstand harsh marine conditions such as sun, saltwater, and abrasion.

They offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional marine painting, while offering protection against fading, weathering and physical damage to the vessel’s surface.

Boat wraps can also be easily removed, leaving the original paint and finish unaltered and in good condition. Boat wraps are versatile and have the ability to give a boat a unique, eye-catching appearance.

Faux Teak Wood Finishes
Custom Transom Wraps & Lettering

A transom wrap is a type of vinyl wrap that is applied to the transom of a boat or yacht, which is the flat back part of the boat or yacht. 

Transom wraps are also used to give the boat a customized or branded look, as they can be printed with designs, logos, or other graphics.

The wrap is typically made of durable, marine-grade 3M branded vinyl material that can withstand exposure to water and UV rays.

The vinyl wrap is can also be used to protect the transom from water damage, including scratches, corrosion, and fading from exposure to sunlight.

Custom Designed Boat Wraps
3M Branded Media For A Quality Wrap

Custom Boat Lettering, Yacht Names
& Hailing Ports

Boat lettering is the custom lettering and graphics applied to a boat’s, yacht’s hull or superstructure.

The lettering typically includes the boat’s name, often its home port and registration numbers, and other identifying information.

It can also include decorative accents, such as stripes, patterns, or custom graphics.

Boat lettering is often done using vinyl decals is a way for boat owners to personalize their vessel and make it unique.

In some cases, boat lettering is required by law to display certain information, such as registration numbers, in a visible location on the boat.

Boat & Yacht
Boot Stripes & Striping Packages

A boot stripe is a colored stripe on the hull of a boat, usually located above the waterline. Also called a rubbing strake or waterline stripe.

The purpose of a boot stripe is to help visually separate the hull from the water and to provide a decorative accent to the boat’s appearance.

It can be added as a vinyl decal during the boat’s construction or maintenance process.

Sportfish Black Mask Vinyl Wraps
Brow Wraps

A brow vinyl wrap for a sportfish yacht is a vinyl wrap that is used to cover and protect the brow of a sportfish yacht.

It is typically made of a durable vinyl material that can withstand the harsh marine environment, and it is applied directly to the yacht’s brow using a specialized adhesive.

Brow wraps are typically black to simulate or extend the window line from port to starboard of the brow line.

The vinyl wrap can be customized with any design or color, making it a popular choice among sportfish yacht owners who want to give their yacht a unique and personalized look.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a brow vinyl wrap also offers protection to the yacht from scratches, abrasions, and other types of damage that can be caused by contact with docks or other boats during docking or mooring.

Customize Your Boat Motor Cover & Cowlings With A Custom Mohawk Look, Stylized Boat Wrap & Graphics

Marine & Marina Business Commercial Car, Van & Truck Wraps

Using vehicle wraps to market your marina-based service business can be a highly effective and cost-efficient way of promoting your services and generating brand recognition. Here are some reasons why you should consider wrapping your vehicle:

1. High visibility: A wrapped vehicle can attract attention from potential customers wherever it goes, making it an excellent way to get your message seen and heard.

2. Targeted marketing: A vehicle wrap allows you to target your marketing efforts geographically and demographically. You can choose to wrap your vehicle with specific messaging and graphics that resonate with your ideal customers and increase the likelihood that they will engage with your business.

3. Cost-effective: Compared to traditional media such as billboards and print ads, vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Once the wrap is installed, it can last for several years without needing any further investment.

4. Increased credibility: A well-designed vehicle wrap can enhance the credibility and professionalism of your business, making it more likely that people will take your services seriously.

In short, using car wraps to market your marina-based service business can be an excellent way to generate brand awareness, attract new customers, and ultimately increase revenue.

Custom Boat Wrap Graphic Design Services
Boat Wrap 3M Branded Printing Services
3M Certified Boat Wrap Installations
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    3M: 3M is a trusted brand in vinyl wrap industry, known for their durability, quality, and innovative products. Their 1080 and 2080 series includes wraps specifically designed for boats and marine vessels.

    Oracal: Oracal is another popular brand that offers a variety of vinyl wraps suitable for boats and yachts. Their ORAJET 3951RA series is designed for outdoor and marine applications and is resistant to saltwater, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions.

    It’s important to choose a reputable vinyl manufacturer and work with a professional wrap installer to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting result.

    Hexis, APA, Evolv, Avery are not recommended for boat and yacht wraps.

    The lifespan of a boat or yacht wrap depends on various factors, including the quality of the vinyl used, the installation process, and how well the wrap is cared for.

    Generally, high-quality marine vinyl wraps can last for 3-5 years or even longer if well-maintained. Some manufacturers even offer warranties for their marine-grade vinyl wraps.

    However, harsh environmental factors, such as exposure to saltwater, sunlight, and extreme weather conditions, can accelerate the wear and tear of the wrap. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for prolonging the lifespan of the wrap.

    It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, which may include avoiding certain chemicals or scrubbing methods, and always using a gentle soap and soft cloth when cleaning the wrap. Marine grade soap is always the recommended way to clean a boat or yacht wrap.

    Overall, investing in a high-quality boat or yacht wrap and maintaining it properly can provide a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance and protect the exterior of your vessel for many years.

    Protection: Boat wraps offer superior protection to the underlying surface. It can protect the boat from fading, scratches, and environmental damage caused by saltwater and UV rays. In contrast, paint can fade and chip away over time due to weather conditions and general wear and tear.

    Durability: Boat wraps can last up to 5 years or more with proper care, while boat paint may require touch-ups or reapplication after a few years.

    Maintenance: Boat wraps require minimal maintenance, and any damage or scratches can be easily fixed by replacing the affected area. In contrast, painted boats require more upkeep, including frequent washing, polishing, waxing, and repainting.

    Cost-effective: Wrapping a boat is generally more affordable than painting, especially if you consider the cost of maintenance and repairs over time.

    Customization: Boat wraps offer limitless design options, including custom graphics, patterns, and colors to suit any style or preference. In contrast, boat paint has limited color and design options.

    Boat Wrap Solutions is a company that specializes in designing, printing, and installing boat wraps and graphics. They use high-quality marine-grade vinyl and inks that are specifically formulated to withstand harsh marine environments, such as saltwater, UV exposure, and extreme weather conditions.

    Here are some reasons why Boat Wrap Solutions might be a good choice for your boat wrap:

    1. High-quality materials: Boat Wrap Solutions uses the best materials available in the market to ensure a long-lasting, durable wrap that will not shrink, crack, or fade over time.

    2. Custom designs: They offer a range of design options and personalized solutions to help you create a custom wrap that matches your style and vision.

    3. Experienced installers: Boat Wrap Solutions has a team of experienced and certified professionals who have years of experience in boat wrapping, ensuring a flawless installation.

    4. Competitive pricing: They offer competitive pricing for all their services while still maintaining high-quality standards.

    5. Cost-Effective: A boat wrap can often be a more cost-effective option than a traditional marine paint job, and Boat Wrap Solutions can work within your budget.

    If you’re looking for a way to give your boat a fresh, new look that stands out while also providing protection against wear and tear, Boat Wrap Solutions might be worth considering. However, it’s always best to do your own research and read reviews to determine if they are the best fit for your needs.