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Since 1997 | Our Installer Certifications

3M Preferred | 3M Endorsed | CWI Certified

Insured To Work In All South Florida Marinas.

– 3M 1080 & 3M 2080 Vinyl Finishes For Hull & Boat Wraps

– 3M Di-Noc Architectural Interior Decor Vinyls & Films For Interior Wraps

– 3M 180CV3 & 3M 8518 Vinyls For Printed Custom Boat Wraps

– Our Famous Faux Tweak Transom Wraps.

What Are The Best Brands To Use….

What Are The Best Vinyl Wrapping Brands For Yacht Wraps & Boat Wraps In South Florida?

South Florida sun is harsh, especially for vinyl wrapping products. The best vinyl products are continually tested to hold up to UV light. Your best vinyl wrapping brands are 3M & Avery Vinyls. These brands are proven to hold up in South Florida. We like to use a product that we can stand behind and that last the longest for our customers.

What Vinyl Brands Are Not Recommended For Yacht Wraps & Boat Wraps In South Florida?

Unfortunately, Hexis & APA vinyls do not hold up and are not recommended for South Florida. We have also tried to remove these brands.