Fix Your Milky White & Blemished Yacht Interiors With New Interior Wraps

    Did you know that you could refurbish and restore your boat and yacht interiors by working with a professional wrap company that can resurface your interiors to get a beautiful new interior finish? Do you want to add value to your vessel? A common problem with boats and yachts is the milky white finish you see on your glossy wood panels. This occurs from a combination of humidity and heat seeping into the wood panels. Boat Wrap Solutions has a solutions, using a 3M Di-Noc and LG architectural vinyl films to simply resurface the wood and is specifically designed to refurbish and update these type of interior blemishes. The architectural vinyl wraps have a 5 year warranty, so you will get minimum 5 years out of these vinyl finishes. There are 1000s of realistic and textured finishes that mimic your style and desired look. No need to spend expensive money pulling out wood cabinets, replacing wood panels and then having to wait till they where finished. Most interior wraps can get done within a day or two. Boat Wrap Solutions specializes in large refurbishing projects for yachts and boats as well.

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